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It is on this ramp that we see the studied slow motion plodding walk of the father (Bill McMurray) to build a coffin for his newborn deformed son, that speaks to the moment’s sorrow as powerfully as his stop-you-in-your-tracks voice. It is here also that we see the indignity of death for The Scarlet Ibis as she is prodded with stick to her grave.

Amy Munice
Picture This Post
The Scarlet Ibis – 2019

As Marcello…Bill McMurray…gave the audience some terrific singing. Chicago baritone Bill McMurray gives a wonderfully individual interpretation of the painter Marcello. Having sat through scores of performances of blustery, barking Marcellos, this reviewer found it refreshing to hear this role actually sung and not shouted. McMurray is a powerful actor and brings great elegance to the role. His singing is as fine as anything being heard in major opera houses today. One hopes to hear more of him in this area.

Walter Martini
New Buffalo Times
La Boheme – 2013

Baritone Bill McMurray as Angelotti, the escaped consul of the defunct Roman Republic acted and sang well in his small, but crucial role.

Elizabeth Kahn
Classical Voice of North Carolina
Tosca – 2005

The centripetal force through it all was baritone Bill McMurray as The Narrator—a steady, resonant, almost bardic presence.

Hannah Edgar
Chicago Classical Review
A Child of  our Time – 2019

Bill McMurray, as Dr. Ibn Hakla, delivered a slightly more dramatic sound which suited the mystically transcendental requirements of that role. His aria was vocally spectacular, even if the staging was somewhat obtuse.

William and Margaret Swain
Iolanta – 2019

Baritone Bill McMurray gave a solid account of this psycho-musical study of love and loss, intelligently limning the labile emotional shifts of “Ich hab’ ein glühend’ Messer” and providing some deftly floated pianissimos.

Mark Thomas Ketterson
Songs of a Wayfarer – 2008

Bill McMurray (Jake)… brought musical and theatrical strength and focus to (his) role.

Elaine Schmidt
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Porgy and Bess – 2013

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